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As a natural born Artist, and Medium/Psychic, Shane finds immense joy and a spiritual connection through tattooing and Mediumship. Coming from a lineage of oracular teaching from his Italian/Sicilian roots, a consummate student of life and death. 


With 19 years of Body Art experience, Shane continues to learn the discipline of tattooing and channeling. A Deeply rooted Shamanic ceremony that expresses the essence of Spirit!


As a Medium and Spirit Artist, Shane is able to channel healing through his art and give messages from our loved ones who are in Spirit. Through these channeled messages, Shane also creates Spirit portraits of the dearly departed, spirit guides, and energies that watch over us. He captures their essence of Spirit, and their messages of love through these one of a kind evidential portraits. After our physical death we find new life within the Spirit world.


Shane also creates custom Shamanic statuary (statues) of the various Goddesses, Gods, Saints, Madonnas, and Ancestors. As part of the creation process, Shane gives you a reading first in order to ascertain the guides messages and their energies that need to be perceived and imbued into the statue.


Shane also does channeled healing and spiritual workshops out of his private space.


Love is the intelligence within one's heart. To be able to recognize and feel with love, we can understand our true souls purpose in this life. It is how we touch and move each other into an ever growing awareness.


The moment we are conceived and birthed from our mothers, we are creating connections.

Through these experiences we are learning to heal and grow.

Within the same moment we are giving the breathe of life, we are counting down the beats of our heart's clock.

We are coming into the realization that our greatest fears as humans is death. With every lesson we learn, we walk one step closer to what we once believed was a final goodbye is actually an unlocked door of infinite love, understanding, and peace. All can be understood through the knowledge of Spirit.

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