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The Strega, a steel paintbrush, and a shamans heart. The open and infinite channel…

Growing up Shane was always an artist and was drawing from the time he was five years old. He did not always know "who" or what he was drawing. He drew imaginary friends and visions of "ladies." To him it was always a good feeling to draw, as a release.

He let his hands move and speak for him.


He did not always realize he was a Medium and was being watched over by his family (Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Divine Feminine) the powers that be..."the ladies" as he called them.

He could feel their presence always there, but at such an age could not put it into words. As if there was an audience constantly following him around, he would see them within weaves of blankets, be entranced by shapes, pictures, scribbles, objects, and in nature.


Always being sensitive to touch and being touched. He is a natural Empath.


Being raised Roman Catholic in an Italian/Sicilian and Polish family, the imagery of God and Jesus was always introduced and pushed upon him. He found his comfort within the Divine Feminine.


He wanted to know who this Blessed Mother was, the virgin Mary. He always found his gaze upon the Madonna. She held all the secrets and the magick. The keys were within her and she was always there guiding and protecting him. 


He was given knowledge of spirituality, Buddhism, the Esoteric, Shamanism, and a plethora of Italian/sicilian superstitions as a child from his Grandparents, Aunts and Great Aunts who are the "Strega" witches in his family. Watching his Aunt weave palm slivers into "protective" crosses for Palm Sunday was a tradition passed down over generations from the Great Nonna's. Learning about "the Malocchio" and the AJIDAH it can bring, the hand gestures, and power of colors that could protect from the evil eye. He was always drawn to the women and men in the kitchens working with their pots and pans. He always watched his grandfather always mixing and baking. Manifestors with their handwritten cookbooks as grimoires. Musicians with their hands and wooden spoons, stirring, and directing, making such sweet and savory melodies. He learned through them the language of love through ones hands.

He could understand the lineage and oral traditions passed down the line of Strega "witches" healers, and channelers through their actions and convictions of his family.



Once he graduated high school, he began getting tattooed and became immersed in the world of skin art. Finding immense joy, a spiritual connection to tattoos, and a way to speak through his hands with a new medium.


A new found spiritual journey.


After few years of searching he got his apprenticeship. With his life forever changed, he learned a discipline that he carries with him through all facets of life. A Shamanic existence hidden behind esoteric imagery, blood, steel paintbrushes, and ink stained clothing. A ritualistic ceremony deep rooted in the traditions of witches, seers, mystics, and shamans. Something so fitting as a natural born healer and channeler.


There was a certain knowing, a claircognizance within himself when he would sit with a client. Making a distinct connection with them, their design, their energy, and the energies around them. 

Tattooing and drawing is how he expresses the feelings and experiences of the lives and death of others he perceives through his work.


If something is made with pure love from the heart, it could heal anything.

You don't need to always speak. A picture can paint a thousand emotions of truth into reality.

It wasn't until his twenties that he came to understand who and what he truly was. Never knowing that he was a " Medium," a channel for Psychic energy to pass through. He always seemed to know the physical ailments, emotional pains, demeanors, and intention of those around him. He began his pilgrimage. What he feared was actually the most beautiful gift in the world and eventually sought out many teachers to help him with his unfoldment. 


As a Medium and Psychic, guided by his Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, Divine Feminine, Goddesses, God's, Saints, and Madonnas he perceives the messages of the energies, and those who have moved into there next stage of life. Along with channeling his clients Spirit Guides, he delivers their insight to his sitters with love and compassion.


Through these channeled messages, Shane also creates Spirit Portraits for his clients of their dearly departed, their spirit guides, and energies that watch over them. 


Along with Mediumship readings, he captures the essence of spirit, and their messages of love through these one of a kind "evidential" portraits.

Shane also does Channeled Healing and Spiritual Workshops out of his private space, Strega Rose Tattoo Arts.

Love is the intelligence within one's heart. To be able to recognize and feel with love, we can understand our true souls purpose in this life. 

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