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Shane Nicholetti is the owner and operator of Strega Rose Tattoo Arts. He has been in the tattoo industry for over 18 years and started his apprenticeship December 2005. He is known for his eclectic Japanese tattooing style, along with illustrative traditional, old school motifs that bring new life to classic designs. He also specializes in black and gray portrait work, custom lettering, and integrating esoteric art into his tattooing. He enjoys creating large scale designs such as back pieces, sleeves, and body suits, but will always take on smaller projects because it is not the size of the tattoo, but it is the meaning of the tattoo that gives its grace and bounty. He uses all cruelty-free vegan tattoo pigments, salves, and stencil solutions for all tattoo applications. He also incorporates CBD infused products in his tattoo procedures.

Shane is also a gifted Medium/Psychic who does readings and creates spirit portraits through mediumship by communicating with the dearly departed. He works with the spirit world to manifest collages and portraits through messages received. 

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