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As a Medium, and Psychic I am a energetic channel of love, healing, and compassion. I offer myself to help illuminate you, and bring you into a clearer understanding of any higher truth you may need to acknowledge. This can occur during a time of duress or in a time of celebration in your life. I am happy to work alongside you and learn through lifes journey along with you. As we learn together, we love together, so we may heal together.

Mediumship is the ability to channel and communicate with those who have passed on from this physical life into the next. Bridging the gap between these two worlds, a medium connects to the client's energetic field and the surrounding spirits linked to them. The medium delves deeper beyond the etheric body into a higher consciousness, opening themselves to the spirit world while simultaneously tuning into energetic senses and impressions to receive messages from the deceased.

When we return to our etheric body and higher consciousness, the spirit's energy and personality are often amplified, revealing their true selves free from the confines of physical constructs or egos. This process involves shedding our physical body and acknowledging our higher selves.


Communication with the spirit world takes time, practice, and patience. Every communication is different, as each medium and spirit, use their own individual personalities and life experiences to communicate. Think of it as tuning into a radio station. Each side of life has to adjust their energy, lower or higher, meeting in the middle for the clearest communication. Every readings intention is always set for the highest form of love, learning, and healing.


The spirit world is all around us. It's a place of  higher intelligence pure love, acceptance and healing. It is timeless, and holds no boundary. Mediumship can give hope, comfort and healing to both sides of life and death. Such divine moments should always be treated with great reverence. Integrity must always be maintained. Respect and trust between the two worlds is most important. Intention must always come from a place of love, and most of all for a greater understanding of a higher truth and knowledge.

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Here's What People Are Saying

"In addition to being an incredible tattoo artist, Shane is also an incredibly powerful and gifted medium. I came to Shane for a mediumship reading and it was an absolute gift. He channeled my grandmother and a family pet who had recently passed and gave me very specific and helpful advice about healing both mentally and physically, exactly what I needed to hear. It was amazing to hear so specifically from my grandmother and to watch Shane draw her was so cool. He picked up on her name and her personality and her very insistent message. It was also so cool to hear from our dog, and super cool to know that even our pets can come through with loving messages from the other side. Shane is very kind and loving, so the messages he gave me felt very supportive and came through in a really helpful way. I was inspired and felt a burst of energy afterwards. Anyone would be lucky to book Shane's time, whether for his artistry, or for his spiritual gifts, and I feel lucky to have had that privilege."

Leigh Ann

"I went to Shane at Strega Rose For a mediumship reading recently and despite being nervous Shane went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. The atmosphere is so calming and designed beautifully, Shane gave me insights on unanswered questions , messages from loved ones that gave me hopeful reinforcement, and really gave me peace with the loss of my loved ones. He was extremely thorough and the whole experience was beyond pleasant , im actually going to be doing another session as a gift to my mom because I would definitely recommend the experience. Thank you so much for everything!! If you’re interested in a reading , don’t wait any longer it’s so worth it!"


Went to have a reading done, Shane is amazing it was my first time having a reading and made me comfortable and was so sweet when conveying the message that was given to him. 10/10 I recommend him to everyone !


"Tonight I had a medium reading with Shane and it was a truly incredible experience. Through Shane I was able to connect with multiple members of my family who have passed I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful gift he has given me."


How to prepare for a mediumship reading?

To have the best experience possible, come to your session with on open mind and a positive outlook. Leave all your worries and fears behind, have no expectations. Invite your friends and family in spirit to be present. Just by thinking of the person you want to communicate with is an invitation for them to join.




It is most IMPORTANT that you realize you and your energy are integral to the success of this reading. If you need to go to the bathroom, or you need to go out for a cigarette break please do so before the reading. I need you and your energy focused with me, and having any kind of distraction between us could disrupt the connection between us and the spirit world. Do not ask me any questions that do not serve the reading. The connection I create with spirit for our highest, and clearest form of communication is fragile, and I need to remain focused on the flowing energies of spirit, while maintaining the connection of our energies as sitter and the reader together. Remember, I am having two conversations. The first is with spirit, and the second one is with you. Let us always give respect to spirit as we are here to serve them first. We are all batteries fueling this reading, and we all must treat this power with love and respect. There may be a few moments of silence and reflection between us as I am building the repour with each individual spirit. I ask that you please be present with me and remain focused on the energy that we are generating. The focus is to remember the love that you hold in your heart for your loved one that brought you and I together. Please keep your focus and thoughts with your loved ones and myself. Please don't think of what's for dinner or the phone call you need to make after this. Let go of whatever you were doing before the reading, let go of who you were before, and let go of your ego, and expectations. Let go of what you have to do after the reading, and what you have to do later.


We are in an energetic meditation together. Each of our roles are different within the reading but we are equally essential as the generators of power in bringing your loved ones forward and back to life. We must keep the energetic heart beating between all the energies in the room. Your beloved ones need your love, focus, and strength to help them manifest themselves and bring their energies forward throughout the entirety reading.


The more focused you are the more successful the reading will be.

 Remember to always have fun with your readings.

Mediumship can offer endless amounts of joy, comfort, peace, and enlightenment.


During your session, I will lovingly bridge the gap between our worlds and spirit. You will experience accurate and evidential information and messages from your loved ones. A channeled  spirit portrait is testament to your deceased loved ones, family, ancestors, and/or friends everlasting love. All messages exchanged are of immense reverence, and will be conveyed with love and compassion. Throughout our session, I will also connect with your angels and guides, bringing through any life guidance they might like to share.  I warmly welcome any questions you may have for me or spirit at the end of the reading. Please do not give me any names or information during the reading unless I specifically ask. Mostly I will just be looking for a small clarification of a "yes", "no", or "I don't understand." Keeping connection with you is incredibly important to keeping the channel open to spirit. I only ask for your love, and patience as I am slowly putting together little pieces of this spirits life like a puzzle, one piece at a time. The language may not always be clear, and may possibly even take some time after the reading for the information to come to fruition.

How Do I Prepare For A Reading?

Come with an open mind, and with a full honest heart. Life can be a very painstaking experience at times. We should be in a positive and healthy mental space, as being ill prepared or still in a place of anger or resentment can hinder a reading exponentially. Spirit mainly communicates about themselves and their relationship to you. Occasionally they will offer suggestions or advice, but generally they let you know they are okay. However, there are times when they want to thank you, apologize or ask for forgiveness. I will always do my best to communicate exactly what I am receiving, and not embellish the information that I receive from the spirit world.



What Should I Tell The Medium?

Validations occur when l know NOTHING about you or whom you want to connect with, l only need your first name. Prior to meeting me, you can, through your mind inform your loved ones you would like to hear from them, tell them the time and place, then trust spirit to appear and create the reading or portrait you most need. Let spirit do the work of validating their presence.



Can I Record The Session?

You can record your session on your cell phone, any other device, or take notes. Any notes or pictures I create will be given to you at the end of the reading. Often you will understand more when you listen back to the recording or any notes you are given.

***A Warming Afterthought ***


 Our souls are of a higher consciousness. We come from a place of greater intelligence. And we will return one day to that energetic space. I believe we have brought ourselves back into this world into this consciousness to experience life, love, and everything good and bad perceived in between. To learn; that is our soul's purpose and we do so through our experiences in this mortal world. Sometimes not all questions are meant to be answered by a third party, (a medium or psychic) as we are meant to live our lives and learn from the experiences ourselves. We as humans sometimes need to finish learning from certain life lessons, experiences, pains, and traumas in this life before we can move on with the acquired knowledge of that experience, and accept the closure of that healing.


It is our souls purpose to learn from our life experiences. To relinquish ourselves from the responsibility of that would be a true tragedy and loss.


The truth of the matter lies within you, within your heart, and within your soul. You already have all the knowledge in the world sometimes we just need to remember behind which door that knowledge lies. You already possess that connection within your heart and within your whole being. They are always with you and always communicating with you, and I am grateful that you have chosen me to hold open that door for you.


 Allow yourself to be human and to be vulnerable so you may experience all of life's beauties, blooms, and wilts. May we better learn to love ourselves and love each other together. 


Readings are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only. A reading is not in any means a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, professional, or legal counseling. When accepting my services, you agree that you acknowledge this and are using at your own risk. I do not claim to be a doctor and do not give medical advice. All healings are meant to compliment other therapies and are not meant to be a replacement for medical care. All healings are part of a holistic approach to life.

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