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Please see below for information on offered services. For further information or any questions you may have, please feel free to email Shane.


All services are booked through email

All Tattoo Services

Rates, hourly estimates, & any questions you may have related to the tattoo you are looking to get done will be discussed at your consultation prior to booking your tattoo appointment. After your consultation, a deposit is required to book your tattoo appointment. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. They hold your tattoo appointment date & time for you. Please bring your state issued photo ID with you to your tattoo appointment. For more information on deposits, appointments & consultation policies, and pricing please click here

Spirit Portraits

Spirit portrait art is one of the more rare forms of evidential mediumship. This unique form of communication allows spirit to work through a form of channeled drawing. Under spirits influence and using all of his senses, Shane is able to interpret and draw accurate portraits of loved ones that have passed to the spirit world. This creates a better understanding that we are never alone in our life's journey and that they are always here to help support and guide us. It is love that awaits us on the other side. These portraits provide evidential proof of the souls survival, and love that they hold for us. The messages and portraits that come through are for the greatest healing and intention of the person receiving. Can be done in person or via Zoom

Gallery Mediumship Demonstration

A gallery mediumship demonstration is an event where Shane connects with the spirit world in front of an audience. During these demonstrations, Shane demonstrates his ability to communicate with spirits by delivering messages, validations, and insights from departed loved ones to members of the audience. Shane may share specific details, such as names, characteristics, memories, or messages from the spirits, providing evidence of the continuity of life after death. Gallery mediumship demonstrations can be uplifting, healing, and comforting for those seeking connection with their loved ones in the spirit realm.

*You can book Shane for a gallery mediumship demonstration at your business!*

Channeled Healing

Energy from the Divine sent to your spirit or etheric body (higher consciousness). No psychic connection is made , Shane does not receive any personal information (as in a reading) from you, your body, or your mental state. This is a spirit to spirit connection. Our spirits are of a higher consciousness and know how to receive the energy, when and how it is best utilized, and how to properly unfold the healing. Can be done in person or via Zoom

Mediumship Readings

The ability to channel and communicate with those who have passed on from this physical life into the next. Bridging the gap between the two worlds, a Shane is able to open up and connect to the clients energetic field as well as the energies of the surrounding spirits connected to them. Then, Shane goes deeper beyond the etheric body and opens himself up to the spirit world while simultaneously tuning into his energetic senses to receive message from those who have passed over. Can be done in person or via Zoom.

1:1 PRICING: 30 MIN - $50  |  1 HOUR - $100

Psychic Reading with Scopa Cards

Shane utilizes a unique deck of playing cards to bring forth clarity and a peaceful perspective while ensuring a safe environment for his clients. This allows him to tap into his psychic senses and perceive your current energy in the physical realm, providing clarity and insights. His readings can assist you in various areas such as relationships, romance, career, finances, health, and family dynamics, shedding light on the energies surrounding these aspects. Through his work, Shane cultivates a safe space for individuals to attain a deeper understanding and gain clarity of perspective. He empowers clients to take control of their actions, encouraging faith and introspection to uncover the truth within themselves.

Group Mediumship Readings

A group mediumship reading is similar to a gallery mediumship demonstration, but is conducted in a smaller, more intimate setting with a group of participants. During this reading, Shane will connect with the spirit world to convey messages, validations, and insights from departed loved ones to the individuals in the group. Shane may share specific details, memories, or messages from spirits, providing evidence of continued existence beyond physical life. Group mediumship readings offer participants a shared experience of connection, healing, and spiritual insight as they receive messages from the spirit realm together.

Group mediumship readings can be for parties of two or more people.

Custom Statues

One of a kind custom statues made by Shane. If you would like to see previous works, please click here to visit the Statues page.

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Readings are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only. A reading is not in any means a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, professional, or legal counseling. When accepting my services, you agree that you acknowledge this and are using at your own risk. I do not claim to be a doctor and do not give medical advice. All healings are meant to compliment other therapies and are not meant to be a replacement for medical care. All healings are part of a holistic approach to life.

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